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At Hologram, we believe that by making it easier to develop and maintain cellular connected devices, people will be able deploy completely new products and bring existing industrial applications online in places we have never seen before.

Millions of connected devices today depend on a static, immobile wifi connection to function. But what about the devices that need to beyond wifi boundaries? Cellular networks are the natural alternative. However, customers traditionally had to spend months negotiating with big cellular providers, verifying hardware, and establishing a data architecture compatible with regulations.

Hologram is upending the traditional cellular model with an integrated, software-centric solution designed to expand the reach of the next generation of connected devices. With low power and long range in mind, we combine global SIM cards, simple data plans, and advanced cloud-hosted software, all packaged together for easy deployment in the field. By combining tried and true telco technology with a next-generation, cloud friendly cellular core, Hologram’s system allows any customer to connect to over 85% of the area on planet earth in just weeks.

Hologram was founded in 2013 in Chicago with the vision to build out a new form of telecommunication to provide secure connectivity for IOT devices. Frustrated by an attempt to send basic customer food orders over a GPRS connection in Asia, co-founder Ben Forgan teamed up with virtualization security expert and co-founder Pat Wilbur to build the tools for any developer to reliably design a cellular connected device. In 2015, they released the Hologram Dash, an Arduino compatible cellular module, as well as full set of tools to get developers started quickly and securely.

By 2025, Hologram foresees the emersion of a new telecommunication infrastructure built to support tens of billions connected devices functioning in remote areas on land, overseas and in space.

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