New Billing Feature: Automatic Top Off And Minimum Balance

/ Written By Jeff Chenoweth

Starting this Friday, all charges tied to your Konekt account including monthly fees, overages and phone numbers will be charged to a running account balance.

For this reason, we’ll be rolling out Automatic Account Refill for our billing system, a feature we’re providing to help you keep your account topped off with the necessary funds to pay for your cellular data plan and avoid service interruption.

Read on for additional information and setup instructions.

Step 1: Configure Your Automatic Top Off Amount And Account Minimum Balance

Login to your Konekt account and follow the steps below.

  1. Click the email address in the top right corner of the Konekt Dashboard to access the profile settings dropdown menu.
  2. Choose “Account Balance” from the dropdown.
  3. Enter an amount into the “Configure Minimum Balance” field (must be at least $5.00)
  4. Enter an amount into the “Configure Top Off Amount” field
  5. Click “Submit”
automatic account top off | konekt

After doing so, you’ve successfully added a top off amount that will be charged to the credit card you have on file each time your account balance dips below the minimum amount you’ve designated. You will receive an emailed receipt each time an automatic top off occurs.

You can change both your minimum balance and top off amount at any time, or disable them by submitting a “0” in the entry field.

Do I have to enable automatic top off on my account?

Nope, but chances are it will make your life a lot easier. If you choose not to enable automatic top off you have the option to manually add additional funds to your account balance at anytime, but failure to do so will result in a service interruption if you have a SIM up for renewal and a zero balance is reached.

Instead of charging my account balance, why not just bill my credit card directly?

Great question. If we charged a credit card each and every time an incremental amount of data usage occurred, two things would happen.

  1. Users would receive an excessive amount of email receipts for tiny charges each day.
  2. We would get slapped with a credit card fee for each of those charges.
automatic account top off | konekt

We’ve found that most people don’t want to be notified each time $0.01-.02 is charged to their credit card, especially if that happens several times a day. The aforementioned credit card fees would make it extremely difficult for us to maintain our data prices.

How do I access detailed billing info?

We’ll send you an email receipt each time your credit card is charged due to an automatic top off or a manual payment to your account balance. Additionally, you can view an in depth history of your billing information by logging into the Konekt Dashboard and viewing the “Account History” section.

Stay tuned for more updates!

We’ve got our sights set on continuously making Konekt a better, more seamless platform for our users. We appreciate your patience while we roll out our new billing features and continue to improve them. We also appreciate your feedback, so keep it coming and let us know how we can make Konekt better for you!

  • condew

    Is there a way to designate some sims for automatic recharge while others are set to just stop passing data when they are used up?

    For a device under development, I want to limit my exposure should my program go haywire and use lots of data. I would not want automatic charges beyond the $0.40/month to keep the sim alive, and I would not want a device under test to drain my account so that production sims don’t get additional funds.

    On the other hand, once a device is well-tested and I’m depending on it, I would rather stand the expense for the extra data than miss an important message from it. I’d probably still want to set some limit in case some condition like a weak or noisy connection makes my data usage far in excess of my expectations.

    • Reuben Balik

      Haha I’m literally writing that code as we speak. You’ll be able to set an overage limit or disable overage completely on a per-SIM basis.
      You can also pause a SIM and then it won’t be able to transfer any data and you’d just have the pay the $.40/month.

  • condew

    I activated a sim with the plan “1 MB + 30-day Free Trial”. My account wasn’t charged anything, but even the next morning I still could not use the sim to retrieve konekt’s test page. So what is the nature of this “30-day Free Trial”?

    • Reuben Balik

      Hi we’re looking into that. The free trial plan should activate like any other plan, but sometimes activations get stuck. We’re working on a faster system for those and will hopefully put that into place soon.

  • condew

    How do I change the plan to apply when the sim renews? I have a sim that I activated with the 100MB plan. Being a new toy, I expected I’d use a lot of data the first month; but I don’t think I want to buy that much data every month. So where can I set the sim to renew on, say, the 20MB plan next month?

    • Reuben Balik

      Right now that has to be done manually. Send us an email to with the details and we’ll switch it.

  • Will Jackson

    how can i cancel my plan for a while

    • Reuben Balik

      Hey, we can’t exactly temporarily cancel a plan, but we can drop you to pay-as-you-go and pause the data so you would just be paying 40 cents a month. Contact us at for more information.

      • Will Jackson

        actually i need to cancel for good. i was under the impression i could use this as a talk and data plan. guess i did not read thru enough

        • Reuben Balik

          Yeah, send us an email and we can do that for you.