Share Your Projects And Perspective On The Konekt Blog

/ Written By Jeff Chenoweth

Are you a maker or Konekt user who’s building something kick-ass? Are you a person with a wild passion for The Internet of Things or machine-to-machine communication?

become a guest writer for the konekt blog


If you answered yes to any of either of questions and you enjoy writing about your projects and the industry, we’d like to talk to you about becoming a guest writer for the Konekt blog.

Sound cool? Then keep reading!

Why would you want to write for the Konekt blog?

Exposure: We’re growing a community here, and we want your voice to be an integral part of it. Writing guest posts for our blog gives you a chance to get your writing in front of a large, quickly growing audience of entrepreneurs, makers and technologists.

Free Stuff: Who doesn’t like free stuff? Become a guest blogger and we’ll reimburse you with some free data, Konekt swag, or whatever else your little heart desires. We’re willing to negotiate.

What topics would you cover?

We’ve got a ton of content ideas here, but finding the time to write about all of them is difficult. We’d love to hear about the IoT projects you’re working on (bonus points if you can talk about how you’ve worked Konekt or cellular into them) along with any tips, tricks or resources you’ve found helpful, not to mention any sort of industry topics you feel like discussing. Here are a few examples.

  • How are you using the Konekt platform?
    Think of this as an extensive review or testimonial as well as a way to discuss your project/business.
  • 2g Sunset:
    How is it affecting your business or projects? How have you prepared?
  • Cellular vs. Wifi:
    Which are you using, how are you using them (interchangeably?) and why?
  • Share your DIY project:
    What are you doing? Why is it important? Who does it benefit?
  • Epic FAILS:
    What went terribly wrong with your IoT project and how did you fix it?
  • Tools/Resources:
    What type of cellular tools, debugging stuff, microcells, spectrum analyzers, etc. are you using and how have they helped you?
  • Key Players:
    Who do you think are the key innovators in IoT right now, from the top corporates players to the startups to watch?
  • Net Neutrality:

    What are the ramifications/considerations for IoT and cellular connectivity?

  • IoT Programming Languages:
    Which do you use? When do you use them? Why are they important?

Below is a list of a several of our existing posts from the Konekt blog. Take a look through them to get a feel for our writing style, the sorts of topics we’ve already covered and the general format and length we try to adhere to. If you’re inspired by an existing post, send us a pitch of something you’d like to write about that’s piggybacks off of it.

Our main goal is connect our community with valuable content as often as we can. What you’ve learned working on something today can help someone else tomorrow and vice versa.

Contact to learn more, send a writing pitch and/or discuss additional details.