6 Steps To Test Our M2M Cellular Network On An iPhone

/ Written By Pat Wilbur

Important note before you begin: Even on unlocked iPhones, we and our customers have often found that certain carriers have blocked the ability to change iPhone APN settings in iOS; therefore, it is possible to have an iPhone that is unlocked but the procedure described in this article to be impossible to complete (due to missing menu options).

With that being said, here is the official process for changing the APN settings on iOS running on an unlocked iPhone (iOS 6 and up), which will place the iPhone on our new Network 2 Konekt M2M cellular network:

Konekt M2M Cellular Network
  1. From the main menu, select Settings.
  2. Select General.
  3. Select Network (note: for iOS6, select Cellular).
  4. Verify the following settings:
    Data Roaming: On
    Wi-Fi: Off
    3G Enable: On
  5. Select Cellular Data Network, and change the following settings:
    User: (no user)
    Pass: (no pass)
  6. Reset the iPhone and verify that it is not in Airplane Mode after booting is complete

Be aware of your data usage when connected to the network. For more information:

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