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IoT Platforms Should Be Planning Blockchain Integrations

/ Written By Ben Forgan
connecting smart cities and iot with blockchain

It is easy to become jaded with the term “blockchain.” Although the turbulent nature of blockchain ICOs may have added credibility to the claims of skeptics, skepticism can be healthy when new disruptive technology emerges. In fact, skepticism is likely a form of fuel for emerging technologies. As the Hype Cycle of any new technology… Continue Reading

How an Independent Developer Built a Remote Monitoring System in Jamaica

/ Written By Ben Forgan

Here at a Hologram we love stories about solving real world issues. More than 2 billion people worldwide lack access to clean drinking water and developers in our community are part of the affected areas. Faced with these challenges and armed with cellular IoT connectivity, developers become a resource for their local communities to improve living… Continue Reading

Announcing the Winners of the Hologram – Raspberry Pi Contest

/ Written By benstr

Last year when we launched the Hologram Nova we wanted to do something special for the developer community. We partnered with our friends at the Raspberry Pi Foundation and Hackster to launch the Exploring Cellular IoT contest. The contest was a huge success with over 370 developers submitting project proposals. 🙌 Out of all the… Continue Reading

Open-Sourcing Our Hardware

/ Written By benstr

Open-sourcing our hardware helps us clarify who we are and why we do what we do. Hologram is a connectivity company. Everything we do is to lower or eliminate barriers around securely connecting things to the internet.

Recap: Launching our Global Developer Plan

/ Written By benstr

Knowing that Hologram’s IoT cell network is one of the strongest, it’s our goal to provide every IoT developer with one of our SIMs for their toolbox.

Introducing the Global Developer Plan

/ Written By benstr

IoT can be full of barriers, but Hologram is on a mission to remove them. We’re excited to announce the latest in IoT development – easy, risk-free access to our global cellular network.

Hologram Mathematics: Hardware + Software + Community = Stronger IoT Networks

/ Written By Ben Forgan

The latest Hologram updates means even more powerful networks. Imagine the solar energy companies having greater capacity to store excess photovoltaic power. Imagine warehouses being able to reduce risk of injury by using more technical solutions. Imagine the future.

2016 at Hologram

/ Written By Sheena Martin

Hologram has had an incredible and noteworthy year, changing and evolving to become the best company we can. Grabbing 2016 by the horns, we rebranded as Hologram. This rebranding meant expanding and adding new people to the Hologram family. Previously Hologram (then Konekt) had been a work of passion for 5 guys: Ben Forgan, Pat Wilbur,… Continue Reading