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Connecting Driverless Vehicles: Kroger Launches Robot Delivery Service

/ Written By Ben Forgan

How real-time is your driving application? For self-driving vehicles, it depends on architecture. Is your device using the cloud? Or edge computing? If it’s the latter, the answer truly depends on the speed and bandwidth of cellular 4G IoT networks. The average time for data to travel from cloud to car is about 100 milliseconds. For… Continue Reading

Carriers expand low power services in Q3 of 2018

/ Written By Ben Forgan

Hologram has over 500 carrier partners, so we keep an eye out for when each carrier deploys new cellular technology. Of particular interest is new low power deployments like LTE-M and NB-IOT. We outline the new deployments we’re tracking for Q3 of 2018.

The Scooters Are Just the Beginning

/ Written By Ben Forgan
kids riding connected e-scooters

Electric scooters are showing up in cities around the globe, often unprompted. These cellular connected devices showcase what is possible when software companies can rent out real world hardware. Read about how it could impact your next business idea.

Introducing New Cellular Features and Pricing Editions

/ Written By Ryan Lee

Today, I’m pleased to present Hologram’s improved plans and pricing. We’re already known for our simple pricing structure and now we’ve made it even easier by eliminating pricing zones and breaking our services into three editions: Maker, Professional, and Enterprise. The Professional Edition is built to scale. It includes platform features to help businesses connect… Continue Reading

Hologram Compatible Hardware

/ Written By Ben Forgan
Works with 1,000s of hardware devices, including yours

We created a Hologram Compatible Hardware list to showcase the fastest ways to get started on the Hologram network, no hardware knowledge required.

Connecting 3rd party hardware to the Hologram network

/ Written By Maiky Iberkleid

Hologram’s network is designed to work with every piece of hardware in every country in the world. Hardware that cannot join our worldwide network is the exception, not the rule. But even a widely accessible network requires getting third party devices hooked in and transmitting properly. This guide (and the associated video below) goes over… Continue Reading

Future-Proofing Your IoT Networks: Lessons from the 2G Shutdown

/ Written By Ben Forgan
2G Network Shutdown

The last thing most companies want to think about when rolling out a shiny new technology project is how to prepare for its inevitable demise. But failing to think ahead can present significant cost and implementation headaches as vendors end support for customers. Just ask the many companies whose business depends upon purpose-built software that… Continue Reading

What is (Cellular) Asset Tracking?

/ Written By Ben Forgan

The great promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) is understanding where and how your “things” are operating and optionally pushing commands back to those devices. A subset of the entire field is called “asset tracking”. These are mostly passive monitoring devices focused on telling where it is currently located; pushing commands to asset trackers… Continue Reading