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Introducing Hologram Inflight

/ Written By Ryan Lee

Proactive IoT connectivity monitoring, alerts, and collaboration features The work only begins after organizations launch their IoT product. Among all the activities they need to operate a fleet of IoT devices, managing an organization’s connectivity can become an overlooked responsibility without clear ownership. And as we discussed this week, Hologram’s mission is to help all… Continue Reading

Lookin’ Stellar

/ Written By Quintin Carlson

Internally, we’ve launched a new design system named Stellar. The Stellar Design System represents a tighter integration between design and engineering teams. This alignment and collaborative work has allowed us to craft the best possible experience for our users.

Introducing the New Hologram Dashboard

/ Written By Ryan Lee

The new Hologram dashboard has revamped views and features for different collaborators within organizations such as developers, product, operations, success, and finance. The visual experience was crafted to help teams access the information needed as quickly as possible. How the data is displayed allows the viewer to understand the health of their devices intuitively.

New Global Distribution Partners for Hologram Cellular IoT Connectivity

/ Written By Ryan Lee

A key part of connecting IoT devices to a cellular IoT network of over 196 countries is actually shipping our Hologram global IoT SIMs and Novas to those countries.  To date, we’ve shipped to over 100 countries through our platform and we’re constantly working to improve our own distribution out of the US.  However, we… Continue Reading

Next Steps for the Dash Development Board

/ Written By Ben Forgan

Last week was a great week. Ryan and the team announced our new pricing along with a number of new dashboard features. Among the details, Hologram is the first to offer a cellular SLA in North America and the only provider that offers global coverage for the new 4G M1 and NB standards. The team… Continue Reading

Introducing New Cellular Features and Pricing Editions

/ Written By Ryan Lee

Today, I’m pleased to present Hologram’s improved plans and pricing. We’re already known for our simple pricing structure and now we’ve made it even easier by eliminating pricing zones and breaking our services into three editions: Maker, Professional, and Enterprise. The Professional Edition is built to scale. It includes platform features to help businesses connect… Continue Reading

Announcing Multi-Factor Authentication for IoT and Global Dash Cellular Board

/ Written By Ryan Lee

Today we’re proud to make two major release announcements: Multi-Factor Authentication and the next iteration of the Hologram Global Dash. Multi-Factor Authentication for Connected Devices Already standard for much of the internet, existing multi-factor authentication methods protect user accounts from unauthorized access. They typically require something you know, such as a username/password, in addition to… Continue Reading