What is the breakdown of data charges per SIM?

/ Written By Ben Forgan

The table below breakdown all data charges per SIM and when they are billed between Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) and Monthly Plans.

Monthly SIM Upkeep$0.40Active SIM fee to reserve space for SIM on the network
PAYG: Separate from data charge
Monthly Plan: Included
SIM Expiration
Data Usage (billed per kb)Varies by Zone/PlanPAYG: Costs to send data on our network from your messages and required overhead
Monthly plans: Monthly cost of set bulk data plan
PAYG: Every 15 minutes when an increment of at least $0.25 worth of data usage is transmitted from the device. In last 30m of billing cycle, interval changes from 15m to every 1m.
Monthly plans: SIM Expiration. Overage charges billed same way as PAYG described above
SMS (device-originated outbound)Varies by Zone/PlanDevice-originated outbound SMS messages.
Inbound SMS and via our Cloud API are free!
Time message is sent