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Introducing the New Hologram Dashboard

/ Written By Ryan Lee

The new Hologram dashboard has revamped views and features for different collaborators within organizations such as developers, product, operations, success, and finance. The visual experience was crafted to help teams access the information needed as quickly as possible. How the data is displayed allows the viewer to understand the health of their devices intuitively.

Customer Spotlight | Frost Control Systems

/ Written By benstr

Learn how Frost Control Systems use Hologram to provide near real-time end-to-end road monitoring services for local government municipalities.

New Global Distribution Partners for Hologram Cellular IoT Connectivity

/ Written By Ryan Lee

A key part of connecting IoT devices to a cellular IoT network of over 196 countries is actually shipping our Hologram global IoT SIMs and Novas to those countries.  To date, we’ve shipped to over 100 countries through our platform and we’re constantly working to improve our own distribution out of the US.  However, we… Continue Reading

Hello World, Meet Magic

/ Written By Ben Forgan

When we founded our company, Hologram set forth with the belief that the world needs a more intuitive way to access the Internet using open protocols. Our vision continues on today, and holds true for humans as well as machines; that’s why we’ve spent the last fives years innovating in the access, data, and API… Continue Reading

Connecting Driverless Vehicles: Kroger Launches Robot Delivery Service

/ Written By Ben Forgan

How real-time is your driving application? For self-driving vehicles, it depends on architecture. Is your device using the cloud? Or edge computing? If it’s the latter, the answer truly depends on the speed and bandwidth of cellular 4G IoT networks. The average time for data to travel from cloud to car is about 100 milliseconds. For… Continue Reading