Build Better, Faster, and (Yes…) Cheaper: Developer Plan, Global 4G LTE Coverage, and High Bandwidth US Plans

/ Written By Ryan Lee

Hi there,

As you may have read from our press release earlier today, at Hologram we’re focused on building the future of IoT connectivity that is scalable from 1 to millions of devices on our platform and still accessible to developers getting started from 0 to 1. Our Hologram global IoT SIM, software-defined cellular network, Dashboard, APIs, and connectivity libraries are providing the toolkit for rapid development of cellular connected devices to developers and teams all over the world. And with that said, we’re excited announce these three new features of our Hologram global IoT cellular platform to further widen the access and capabilities for those developing cellular connected products:

1. The Developer Plan – 1 free Hologram global SIM w/ 1MB included each month for a no-hassle way to get started developing cellular IoT products
2. Global 4G LTE Coverage – LTE network coverage through our Hologram global SIM on 100+ global networks
3. High Bandwidth US Monthly Plans – 1GB/month starting at $20 USD for high-bandwidth applications available now in the US

I’ve included additional detail below on each with links to further info but if you’re looking to get started right away, all three new features are available immediately starting today! Head over to our Hologram Store to order a free Developer SIM, check out our Hologram Global IoT Cellular Network coverage and plans, or documentation on how to get started on our platform. We’re excited for what you’ll build next and as always, feel free to reach out to us at with your feedback.

Ryan P. Lee
Cellular Product Manager

1. The Developer Plan – Starting today, new users to our Hologram platform can get started with a free SIM that includes 1MB/month on our global IoT cellular network. You can read more about the story behind our Developer Plan in this post from our Head of Developer Relations, Ben Strahan. And for our existing customers, this Developer Plan is eligible for any existing device on a personal organization by simply changing the plan on our Hologram Dashboard. More info: Hologram Developer Plan.

2. Global 4G LTE Coverage – Our Hologram global SIMs now have access from 2G through 4G LTE networks globally for even wider support of cellular modules and devices built on our platform. With over 100+ LTE networks in 50+ countries available starting today, Hologram customers can now develop applications which typically require higher bandwidth connectivity applications such as live data streaming, content updates, or VoLTE. And as continued deployments in LTE Cat-M/NB technologies multiply the number of viable opportunities for cellular enabled IoT experiences though IoT-optimized communication and cheaper, more energy-efficient cellular modules, we at Hologram are excited to be preparing the foundational technology to support these new opportunities in the near future. Our pricing page and coverage maps will now indicate where on our global network LTE coverage is available and will be continually updated as we expand LTE in additional countries.

3. High Bandwidth US Monthly Plans In addition to the new developer plans, we’re excited to announce high bandwidth monthly plans available in the US for 2G/3G/4G LTE coverage from 250MB to 5GB per month. Starting at $20 for 1GB monthly, these plans will better support IoT developers building solutions that require cost-effective, high bandwidth cellular plans such as digital signage, video monitoring, and drone logistics. On top of lower monthly US base prices, additional data beyond monthly limits for these plans will only be billed at $0.10/MB so that developers can focus on gathering all the information they need instead over optimizing plan selection and changes among their devices. We’re excited to see the new experiences and projects these plans will enable!