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What is (Cellular) Asset Tracking?

/ Written By Ben Forgan

The great promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) is understanding where and how your “things” are operating and optionally pushing commands back to those devices. A subset of the entire field is called “asset tracking”. These are mostly passive monitoring devices focused on telling where it is currently located; pushing commands to asset trackers… Continue Reading

Comparing Cellular Hardware

/ Written By Ben Forgan

TL; DR: We created a shared document that compares a wide range of cellular hardware (including our own). Use it to evaluate what is available in the marketplace to get your project started quickly. In my group at Hologram (Developer Relations), we need to work with a lot of hardware. In fact, the entire company… Continue Reading

Clearing up the term “eSIM”

/ Written By Ben Forgan

The SIM card has been around since the early 90s. It is a small, removable piece of silicon and copper encased in plastic. There are pads to interface to a modem or a processor, which allow the device to authenticate on a network as unique. If that unique SIM device has a plan with a… Continue Reading

Announcing Multi-Factor Authentication for IoT and Global Dash Cellular Board

/ Written By Ryan Lee

Today we’re proud to make two major release announcements: Multi-Factor Authentication and the next iteration of the Hologram Global Dash. Multi-Factor Authentication for Connected Devices Already standard for much of the internet, existing multi-factor authentication methods protect user accounts from unauthorized access. They typically require something you know, such as a username/password, in addition to… Continue Reading

Open-Sourcing Our Hardware

/ Written By benstr

Open-sourcing our hardware helps us clarify who we are and why we do what we do. Hologram is a connectivity company. Everything we do is to lower or eliminate barriers around securely connecting things to the internet.

Hologram Mathematics: Hardware + Software + Community = Stronger IoT Networks

/ Written By Ben Forgan

The latest Hologram updates means even more powerful networks. Imagine the solar energy companies having greater capacity to store excess photovoltaic power. Imagine warehouses being able to reduce risk of injury by using more technical solutions. Imagine the future.