Dashboard Feature Announcement: Bulk Actions on Multiple Devices

/ Written By Joseph Jung

Manage multiple devices with ease!

New features have landed on the dashboard. Now it’s even more convenient to manage your deployed devices via the dashboard! We have added bulk actions on your devices list, allowing you to interact with multiple devices at once.

Available new multi-device actions include:

  • Send SMS or cloud message data
  • Update data limits and overage allowance
  • Pause and resume SIM data
  • Enable and disable secure tunneling

How is this useful for you?

These new features make it significantly more convenient to manage thousands of devices. Here are some scenarios where bulk management will save you time and money:

  • Send an SMS message to tens of hundreds of devices all at once (and for free!) in order to test functionality and/or connectivity.
  • Make sure your devices don’t exceed a specified amount of usage per month. Now you can select all of them and change the overage limits at once.
  • Summer is coming around and you don’t need your ice-indicator devices to be active. Pause all those sims at once and resume them again next year.