Hologram Demo

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In addition to visiting our website and our store, which we highly recommend that you do, please use the account information and button (below) to login to a demo account on our Dashboard.

Accessing Our Demo

Demo e-mail:

Demo password: 12345

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What Else Can I Do on the Hologram Platform?

We offer:

  • Beautiful REST APIs for managing SIMs and devices
  • Partnership opportunities including partner access to our end-user billing platform and self-service dashboard
  • Hologram Cloud for routing data to third-party services
  • Hologram Device Data Logger service
  • Inbound tunnel access to devices
  • Hardware to accelerate getting a cellular project connected to under 10 minutes
  • Hologram Global SIM card to be used in hardware of anyone’s choosing and in most countries around the world

…all included under our transparent pricing model.


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