The Dash may not establish a COM port properly on Windows, especially on Windows 8 and 8.1 due to driver security features. Without a COM port, you will not be able to communicate with the Dash over the serial interface. Programming and firmware upgrades will still work, even without a COM port. This section describes how to install the signed Windows driver to enable serial communication with the Dash.

    Updating the Windows Device Driver Software

    To properly enumerate as a COM port, Windows will need a new driver installed. Download the COM driver from the downloads page and extract the contents of the .zip file. Make note of the location of the extracted files, as you will need to navigate to it later.

    Install from the Download Location

    The easiest way to install the driver is to install it directly from the download location. Navigate to the extracted konekt_cdc_all directory. Right-click on the file named konekt_cdc_all.inf within the folder, and select install:

    Click “Open” in the Security Warning dialog that pops up:

    If User Account Control intercepts the installation, click Yes to continue. Finally, a dialog box will indicate that the installation was successful:

    Install via Device Manager

    If you are unable to install the driver with the above steps, you may wish to attempt the installation via the Device Manager. Open the Device Manager, and locate the “Dash Serial” or “DashPro Serial” device. Right click this entry and select Properties:

    Select Update Driver…:

    Select Browse my computer for driver software:

    Navigate to the directory you extracted from the downloaded zip file, then click Next and wait for it to finish installing:

    Finally, a message will indicate that the installation was successful:

    Now the Properties panel for the device will report it working properly:

    The device will now appear under the Ports (COM & LPT) section of your Device Manager with the name “Konekt Dash Com Port” with a COM number next to it: