Finding the Best IoT Cellular Coverage

/ Written By Andy LeSavage

Finding the Best IoT Cellular Coverage

Cellular connectivity can be an alphabet soup of acronyms and cryptic maps, but when your Internet of Things development project depends on reliable connections you can’t leave anything to chance. has already brought you the Dash IoT Development Kit with pre-provisioned M2M SIM cards to create the quickest-deploying connectivity solution in the ecosystem. This infographic makes GSM, CDMA and coverage maps just as easy as getting your next generation connected product online with our pre- provisioned SIM cards.

IoT Cellular Coverage
Cellular IoT Coverage Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 1.24.06 PM

Skip the Hassle

Connecting your IoT device via cellular network is the quickest and simplest way to get your project online. Hologram’s pre-provisioned SIM cards are network agnostic, and you can get up and running in minutes. Use Hologram so you can spend your time making your product awesome, not building a cellular network.

Simplify your IoT connectivity with the Dash IoT dev kit and M2M SIM cards.