Hologram Introduces Organizations

/ Written By Reuben Balik

We’ve been hearing for a while that people would like to be able to give their friends or colleagues access to their accounts so that they can collaborate on their projects. We are proud to say that we spent the last few months overhauling our dashboard and API in order to introduce our new Organizations feature that accomplishes just that.

You can find the main documentation for this feature here:
Organizations Documentation

API Information

Those of you that access our API may have also noticed that when you list your devices or data logs, you may only see your personal devices and not devices in a specific organization. To make an API call switch into another organization, simply add orgid=<id> to the URL parameters.
You can view all of your organization IDs by using the /organizations endpoint.

Feel free to send us an email or post on the forums if you have any questions about this new feature. We’re always looking for feedback and are hoping to make more improvements over the next few months.