How Do I Activate SIMs and Manage Devices, Data Plans, and Billing Information?

All account management (including activating SIMs, managing devices, managing data plans, and managing billing) occurs within our online Dashboard.

Before You Begin

First, you will need to obtain a Konekt Global SIM Card from our store if you do not already have one in your possession.

Managing Activations, Devices, Plans, and Billing

Next, proceed to our Dashboard to activate or manage your SIM cards and devices, and to begin using our services. You will need to create an account at this point if you haven’t already done so.

Visit Dashboard

Next Steps

Once your SIM is activated, you will want to place it in a device (make sure the device is powered off first) and connect the device to our network.

How to Connect Devices to the Cellular Network

More Information

Help is standing by if you need it!

How To Get Help

We also offer free, open REST API access for developers to access every feature available within our Dashboard.

For more information, please visit our full Documentation resource.