Hologram IoT Cellular Platform Plans

With the free Developer Plan, Pay-as-You-Go, and Monthly plan options, Hologram's IoT cellular platform offers simple, transparent pricing plans for getting started, building, and scaling your device connectivity seamlessly.


1MB / month included
add'l data $0.60 / MB (billed by KB)


/ MO
$0.40 platform fee
data $0.60 / MB (billed by KB)


/ MO
Platform fee included
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  • Zone 1
  • Zone 2 (includes Zone 1 coverage)
Hologram's Global IoT Cellular Network
  • 2G, 3G and 4G LTE Coverage
  • 180+ countries, 500+ carriers
  • Global automatic carrier switching
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All accounts include:
  • Hologram Connectivity Dashboard and APIs
    • Provision devices, manage usage & billing, communicate with devices through Hologram's connectivity Dashboard and APIs.
  • SpaceBridge Tunneling and Messaging
    • Tunnel inbound into devices for remote communication, control, and configuration over cellular.
  • Hologram Cloud Message Routing
    • Send device data from the field with Hologram's connection libraries and route data to any cloud platform.

Need more?

Hologram Enterprise Accounts
  • Custom pricing and coverage zones
  • Dedicated engineer and support
  • Enterprise On-boarding
  • White label dashboard and SIMs
  • SIM supply chain and testing support
  • Integration Co-Development
Billing FAQ
  • Any contract lengths?

    With Hologram plans there is no contract to sign and you can switch between different plans any time – directly from our dashboard or APIs. You can choose to deactivate SIMs anytime or downgrade to our free Developer Plan.

  • When do I select which plan a device will be activated on?

    You will select which plan to activate a device on after receiving the SIM and activating it on our Dashboard or via API.

  • When does billing begin for Hologram global IoT SIM plans?

    Our Hologram SIMs are shipped unactivated and billing only begins when you activate them on a plan via our Dashboard or API.

  • When will I be billed for each plan?

    Each device is billed individually each month starting from when it is first activated for use from your account balance. On our pay-as-you-go plans, usage is billed by the kilobyte as traffic is used on our Hologram network in minimum increments of $0.25.

  • Is data on monthly plans pooled accross devices?

    Our monthly data plans are for individual SIMs. For pooled options, we suggest using our Pay-As-You-Go plans which are billed from the same organization account balance or reaching out to our team at for enterprise pooled pricing.

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