Hologram Spacebridge

Secure, inbound access to your devices, anywhere in the world

Remote Inbound Access

Open up communication into devices for configuration, troubleshooting, and content updates through SSH or TCP/UDP

Self-service VPN Solution

Configure Spacebridge connections between your devices and enterprise applications via our desktop client or scripts

Cross-carrier Compatibility

Use the same Spacebridge configuration anywhere on Hologram's global IoT Cellular Network

Secure By Design

Our network was designed from the ground up for machines and IoT security such as automatic device fire-walling and advanced session authentication

Secure Point-To-Point Access

Reach out to your devices for over the air updates, SSH logins, and more

Encrypted Packet Messaging

Send secure encrypted TCP/UDP messages to your devices via our Dashboard or API

Virtual Private APN

Getting inbound access to your devices on someone else’s network is hard. Hologram creates a network for you on top of cellular infrastructure, so that you have full inbound access to your devices

ssh-keygen -f spacebridge.key -b 4096 SSH keypair established for Spacebridge inbound tunneling ssh -p 999 -L 5000:linkXYZ1:22 -N -i spacebridge.key Establishing Spacebridge tunnel to device linkXYZ1 over Hologram Global Network..... pi@raspberrypi:~$ sudo hologram send "Hello World" Sending message to Hologram "Hello World" pi@raspberrypi:~$ rsync /config/firmare/ Remote sync configuration files OTA on cellular

Developer tools

Use our Spacebridge desktop client or control connectivity tunnels via the command line.

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