Two New Ho Ho Hologram Features!

/ Written By Pat Hogan

We finished a couple awesome features for you guys, just in time for the holidays!

We expanded our Usage and Billing analytics to give you tons more insight about what’s going on with your cellular devices. Interactive graphs let you clearly see data usage activity over all of your sims, and also more granular information at the single sim level. Table views allow you to drill down into the numbers, and are easily exportable to CSV for further analysis. We give you cost breakdowns for what you’re being billed, and easy date filtering so you can take full control of your cellular overhead. Here’s a sneak peek – but it’s also live in beta on our dashboard right now, so check it out and let us know what you think!


Another feature to expect over the next couple days, is something we like to call: the Hologram Heartbeat. This is part of our cloud functionality, which allows you to automatically monitor data messages coming back from your devices and alert you as soon as there hasn’t been any activity for your specified amount of time. This can operate on a per device and multiple device basis. The type of alert that’s triggered, is fully customizable to be sent out as an SMS, Email, custom webhook, or any of our built-in 3rd party integrations. We’re in the final stages of release, and will be serving it up as beta in the next couple days, so keep an eye out in the routes section of your dashboard.

Excited to hear what you guys think about these new features. We’ve been working like elves to get these out in time for the holidays, so hopefully you can enjoy them while you have some downtime, or be invigorated to use them as part of the new year.


-Pat Hogan

Product Lead / Full Stack Engineer at Hologram