Meet Victoria.
Customer Success Manager.

Victoria's team uses Hologram's Dashboard to monitor the status of their growing scooter fleet.

With a central place to monitor all their vehicles and collaboratively diagnose problems, Hologram is a status board for connectivity.
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Fleet wide status board

Victoria uses her Hologram Dashboard to get a bird's-eye view of every device in their scooter fleet.

Her customer success teams are able to track the connection status of every scooter on Hologram’s network in real time.

Using Tags, Victoria can group devices based on attributes meaningful to her fleet like hardware model or location — to easily see trends. This proactive monitoring helps her team provide the best possible customer experience on the ground.

hologram's global rate
Use the Hologram Dashboard to provide real-time connection status and usage information for every device in your fleet.

Collaborative monitoring

Victoria’s team collaborates in the same easy-to-use platform as their engineering, product, and operations teams.

The Hologram Dashboard is a reliable and accurate source for all details about their fleet. From device location to real-time connection status, everyone can work from the same platform.

By bringing her teams together in a single platform, Victoria can coordinate rapid responses to changes across their fleet — keeping her customers happy.

product and engineering team
Hologram allows everyone in your company to have shared view of your fleet, from engineering to operations.

Investigate and resolve

When issues arise with their scooters, Hologram Spacebridge provides Victoria’s team a secure tunnel to remotely troubleshoot devices.

Victoria's team can quickly diagnose and resolve hardware and software issues from thousands of miles away without having to send someone locally.

Hologram Spacebridge helps reduce time to resolution and operations costs, securely.

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Hologram’s platform reduces the time and resources needed to resolve issues with our fleet of connected devices.

Hologram helps keep your fleet running smoothly.

Hologram's platform is designed for collaboration and visibility at every stage of development of your IoT product.

Monitor your fleet from a single easy-to-use dashboard and rely on powerful diagnostic and troubleshooting tools to get devices back up and running.

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