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Global cellular connectivity for IoT devices - scale your deployments in 196 countries with over 550 carriers.

The complete toolkit for connecting devices

Hologram provides flexible tools for securely connecting IoT devices. Whether you're deploying at scale or building your first connected product, Hologram's products handle all your connectivity infrastructure needs.

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Hundreds of thousands of devices across thousands of businesses are securely connected by the Hologram Platform

curl -L | bash Installing Hologram Python SDK....Complete! sudo hologram connect Connected to Hologram Global Network sudo hologram location Location: {"latitude": "41.8938382", "longitude": "-87.6254237"} sudo hologram send "{46,3214,-87.31248}" -t "location" Message sent with topic "location"
  1. # Import Hologram Python SDK library
  2. from Hologram.HologramCloud import HologramCloud
  3. # Set Hologram Device credentials
  4. credentials = {'devicekey': device_key}
  5. # Create Hologram class network object
  6. hologram = HologramCloud(credentials, enable_inbound =
    False, network='cellular')
  7. # Connect to the Hologram Global Network
  8. result =
  9. # Retrieve location info via cell tower triangulation
  10. location =
  11. # Send location info data message with topic: "location"
  12. recv = hologram.sendMessage(str(location),
    topics = ["location"],
    timeout = 3)
  1. // Require the Hologram API Node Library
  2. var Hologram = require('hologram-node');
  3. // Authenticate with your Hologram API Key
  4. var HologramAPI = Hologram(yourHologramAPIkey, {
    orgid: yourHologramOrganizationID
  5. // Get active devices on the Hologram Global Network
  6. HologramAPI.Devices.getAll();
  7. // Activate a new device on the Hologram Global Network
  8. HologramAPI.activate(sims, plan, zone);
  9. // Understand data usage of your IoT devices
  10. HologramAPI.Link.getUsage(linkid)
  11. // Send secure TCP/UDP messages to one or more devices on the Hologram network
  12. HologramAPI.Device.sendData(deviceids, data, port, protocol)
sudo hologram spacebridge Device now enabled for inbound remote SSH via Hologram Spacebridge

Connectivity made for developers

We believe that the next wave of connected devices needs a platform that focuses on both global network infrastructure and developer tools to access it. Historically, telcos have focused on maintain their networks rather than building software for developers. Our software based approach to wireless networking allows us to abstract all the traditional challenges of building, connecting, and maintaining a cellular fleet.

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On Demand & Scalable

Hologram's Data Engine messaging, device management APIs, and Global IoT Network enable scaling large deployments without increasing your engineering costs.

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Enterprise Ready

Avoid sourcing and designing connectivity hardware or negotiating with telecoms when building your IoT device. We abstract connectivity so your enterprise can deliver product easier.

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Always Improving

We are constantly adding new features, reinforcing security, and making the process of building and managing your devices safer, simpler, and faster.

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Secure By Design

Our network was designed from the ground up for machines, and includes advanced security features such as automatic device fire-walling and advanced session authentication.

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Device and cloud agnostic iot platform

Connect any device and route your data to anywhere on our open platform

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Global Cellular and Digital Network

Analyze and act on data in real time

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Data Engine

Analyze and act on data message streams from your device in real time

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Global Cellular Network

Access an IoT software-defined cellular network in over +200 countries and counting

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Webhooks and Integrations

Use our library of pre-built webhooks and integrations to send data seamlessly

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