Meet your new IoT headquarters.

Hologram Dashboard is your team’s collaborative space for managing your entire deployment.

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It felt like Hologram was the Stripe of SIM management.

Device & Management

See where every device stands

See your fleet of devices with custom names, tags, global search, and filters. Gain valuable insights — like the location of the last connected cell tower — through device detail pages.

Control when, how, and where

Activate, pause, unpause, and change plans anytime. You have complete flexibility and control over each device and data plan.

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Hologram is the perfect partner for an IoT project.

Monitoring & Analytics

Grasp the big picture

Visualize every aspect of how your team is using the Hologram network. Charts show historic connections and usage on both an organization and device level.

Dive into details and diagnostics

Use Inspect to investigate and pinpoint misbehaving devices. Dig into session logs to get granular information for data transfers on a device-by-device basis.

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Hologram’s Preflight capability simplifies the deployment process for both our team and our customers.

Ready for your supply chain

QA and Test Before Activation

Access live networks with Test Mode prior to activating devices.

Automate with Preflight

Manage unactivated SIMs during manfuacturing and testing. Automate activation and device configuration when you’re ready to deploy.
Available with Hologram Enterprise Edition.

Learn About Hologram Preflight
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Our partnership with Hologram has shaped our entire business model.

Complete Transparency

Simple, Honest Pricing

Pick the data plan that works best at the moment. When the situation changes, so can your plan — right from the Dashboard. No hidden fees means you see how the plans are billed upfront.

Share access with the right people

Bring together operations, finance, and engineering into a single easy-to-use Dashboard. Set permissions for each team member so you feel confident device settings stay secure.