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Recap: Launching our Global Developer Plan

/ Written By benstr

Two weeks ago we announced Hologram’s global Developer Plan, a free plan giving developers worldwide access to our software-defined cellular network and cloud services. Since that announcement, we’ve been blown away by the response. In the first week alone, thousands of developers from more than 60 countries joined the Developer Plan! Being part of the… Continue Reading

Introducing the Developer Plan

/ Written By benstr

At Hologram, we believe cellular connectivity is the future of ubiquitous, secure IoT communication. Unfortunately, up until now, cellular connectivity for IoT has been riddled with high barriers to entry. As one of the largest software-defined cellular networks for IoT, Hologram is on a mission to remove these barriers. Today I’m stoked to share the… Continue Reading

Build Better, Faster, and (Yes…) Cheaper: Developer Plan, Global 4G LTE Coverage, and High Bandwidth US Plans

/ Written By Ryan Lee

Hi there, As you may have read from our press release earlier today, at Hologram we’re focused on building the future of IoT connectivity that is scalable from 1 to millions of devices on our platform and still accessible to developers getting started from 0 to 1. Our Hologram global IoT SIM, software-defined cellular network,… Continue Reading

Hologram Upgrades: Hardware + Software + Community = Stronger IoT Networks

/ Written By Ben Forgan

Last year, the Hologram team published an ebook on the building blocks of cellular connected devices. We were enabling connectivity with our 2G/3G GSM global cellular IoT network, accelerating IoT product development with our Hologram Dash, and just beginning to build our Hologram data router. We helped agricultural technology companies better monitor crop data in… Continue Reading

Why Software Defined Networks Are the Future of IoT

/ Written By Pat Wilbur

It’s well-understood that IoT has the potential to transform industries as diverse as manufacturing, energy, CPG, and agriculture. But there’s a perplexing trend happening with IoT innovation. Even though IoT development is accelerating, organizations large and small are finding themselves hitting major points of friction when it comes to the practical side of building cellular… Continue Reading

Hologram Dashboard Overhaul: New Data Router and Message Console

/ Written By Pat Hogan

We’re excited to announce a major revamp of the Hologram Dashboard! The goal of the Hologram Cloud and Dashboard is to provide a simple, secure, and insightful landing pad for your data messages as they come in from your edge devices, and then easily send them to whatever custom or third-party applications you need, such… Continue Reading

Welcome to Our New Store and Product Detail Pages!

/ Written By Logan Frederick

Today, we are excited to unveil two new upgrades to the Hologram shopping experience: A new store and product detail pages! Redesigned Hologram Store This new layout provides multiple benefits: Larger photos better illustrate the products available Clearer “Add to Cart” buttons for a smoother checkout experience Links to additional details and specifications for all… Continue Reading

Learn How to Build an IoT Product With The New Hologram Onboarding Kit

/ Written By Logan Frederick

Hologram is excited to announce our new Onboarding Kit, the easiest way to get started building cellular-connected products! We paired this kit with example code sketches, hardware wiring guides, and walk-throughs to quickly and easily build a connected security system. Our goals with this Onboarding Kit are to help you learn the basics of building… Continue Reading