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Hologram Dashboard Overhaul: New Data Router and Message Console

/ Written By Pat Hogan

We’re excited to announce a major revamp of the Hologram Dashboard! The goal of the Hologram Cloud and Dashboard is to provide a simple, secure, and insightful landing pad for your data messages as they come in from your edge devices, and then easily send them to whatever custom or third-party applications you need, such… Continue Reading

Welcome to Our New Store and Product Detail Pages!

/ Written By Logan Frederick

Today, we are excited to unveil two new upgrades to the Hologram shopping experience: A new store and product detail pages! Redesigned Hologram Store This new layout provides multiple benefits: Larger photos better illustrate the products available Clearer “Add to Cart” buttons for a smoother checkout experience Links to additional details and specifications for all… Continue Reading

Learn How to Build an IoT Product With The New Hologram Onboarding Kit

/ Written By Logan Frederick

Hologram is excited to announce our new Onboarding Kit, the easiest way to get started building cellular-connected products! We paired this kit with example code sketches, hardware wiring guides, and walk-throughs to quickly and easily build a connected security system. Our goals with this Onboarding Kit are to help you learn the basics of building… Continue Reading

Dashboard Feature Announcement: Bulk Actions on Multiple Devices

/ Written By Joseph Jung

Manage multiple devices with ease! New features have landed on the dashboard. Now it’s even more convenient to manage your deployed devices via the dashboard! We have added bulk actions on your devices list, allowing you to interact with multiple devices at once. Available new multi-device actions include: Send SMS or cloud message data Update… Continue Reading

Stay Current on IoT Security with Our Must-Read List

/ Written By Megan Van Vlack

Security is top priority going into the new year for the IoT industry. In the wake of the cyber-attack on Dyn DNS that took down almost half the internet in October, IoT developers are getting serious about closing up security holes in 2017 (and, essentially, until the end of time). But IoT is still an… Continue Reading

Hologramers: Frontend Developer Joseph Jung

/ Written By Flavia Logsdon

With the first month behind us and feet firmly planted in February, we are now well into 2017 now and have many exciting things happening at Hologram.  I’m thrilled to continue interviewing and chronicling the many facets of our fascinating team.  My name is Flavia and I am the Executive Assistant for Hologram.  Once a… Continue Reading

Prep for the Future of IoT with These Words of Wisdom

/ Written By Ritika Puri

There are two versions of the future when it comes to security on the IoT. The first is an ecosystem that is overrun with vulnerabilities, leaving consumer and business customers at risk of a major breach. The second is a story about diligence and careful calculation—the need for builders to watch their security protocols like a… Continue Reading

10 Steps to Securing Your IoT Device

/ Written By Susan Kuchinskas

Hackers are using all sorts of devices to launch their dirty DDoS attacks. Don’t let your security camera, DVR or nanny cam become part of a botnet. In a recent document called Strategic Principles for Securing the Internet of Things 2016, the Dept. of Homeland Security explained that security for the Internet of Things hasn’t… Continue Reading