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Clearing up the term “eSIM”

/ Written By Chris Gammell

The SIM card has been around since the early 90s. It is a small, removable piece of silicon and copper encased in plastic. There are pads to interface to a modem or a processor, which allow the device to authenticate on a network as unique. If that unique SIM device has a plan with a… Continue Reading

Announcing the Winners of the Hologram – Raspberry Pi Contest

/ Written By benstr

Last year when we launched the Hologram Nova we wanted to do something special for the developer community. We partnered with our friends at the Raspberry Pi Foundation and Hackster to launch the Exploring Cellular IoT contest. The contest was a huge success with over 370 developers submitting project proposals. 🙌 Out of all the… Continue Reading

Announcing Multi-Factor Authentication for IoT and Global Dash Cellular Board

/ Written By hologram

Today we’re proud to make two major release announcements: Multi-Factor Authentication and the next iteration of the Hologram Global Dash. Multi-Factor Authentication for Connected Devices Already standard for much of the internet, existing multi-factor authentication methods protect user accounts from unauthorized access. They typically require something you know, such as a username/password, in addition to… Continue Reading