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Open-Sourcing Our Hardware

/ Written By benstr

Open-sourcing our hardware helps us clarify who we are and why we do what we do. Hologram is a connectivity company. Everything we do is to lower or eliminate barriers around securely connecting things to the internet.

Recap: Launching our Global Developer Plan

/ Written By benstr

Knowing that Hologram’s IoT cell network is one of the strongest, it’s our goal to provide every IoT developer with one of our SIMs for their toolbox.

Introducing the Global Developer Plan

/ Written By benstr

IoT can be full of barriers, but Hologram is on a mission to remove them. We’re excited to announce the latest in IoT development – easy, risk-free access to our global cellular network.

Hologram Mathematics: Hardware + Software + Community = Stronger IoT Networks

/ Written By Ben Forgan

The latest Hologram updates means even more powerful networks. Imagine the solar energy companies having greater capacity to store excess photovoltaic power. Imagine warehouses being able to reduce risk of injury by using more technical solutions. Imagine the future.