Customer Success Engineer

Technical troubleshooting: of internet devices; for cellular network routing issues; for embedded electronics w/ wireless connectivity; for embedded firmware on microcontrollers; & for interfaces on cellular machine-to-machine communication modems. Lead technl discovery process for sales calls. Architect technl solns for clients. Use SQL & data analysis techniques to determine most imp customer pain points. Instruct product teams to implement fixes for imp customer pain points. Use Arduino programming environments & an understanding of Python & Linux to troubleshoot customer problems. Req. BS in Engg (Elec, Mech, Comp), CompSci, IT or rltd fld & 2 yrs of exp in: client-facing IT consulting; defining & operationalizing business processes & workflows; sales discovery & persuasion; & using XML, XSLT, XPATH, & over SFTP. Must have gained knowledge (through education or exp) of Arduino, C++, Schematics, I2C, SPI, UART, Wifi, Cellular, voltmeter, oscilloscope, APIs, python & http. Send res/cl to Derrick Wolbert, Konekt, Inc. d/b/a Hologram, 1608 S Ashland Ave. #25937, Chicago, IL 60608, virtual address.