Hologram Data Engine

Insightful and streamlined approach to managing IoT data

Data Router

  • Messaging protocol for IoT devices via Hologram firmware, SDK, or cloud socket
  • Setup device heartbeats, alerts, and modify messages with data route workflows
  • Publish and subscribe to device data message topic streams

Message Console

  • Simulate and replay device messages directly from the dashboard to test routes and integrations
  • Analyze message streams with convenient message console drawer on the dashboard
  • View errors and notifications from message events

Data Archive

  • Retrieve device data messages via webhook or APIs
  • Replay data message sequences for diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Upgrade data storage size and historical time windows

Third Party Integrations

Our 3rd Party Integrations are ever-growing. Have an integration you want to see? Post it to the Hologram Community!

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    Amazon S3

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    AT&T M2X

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    Custom Webhook

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