Cellular Connectivity

The global IoT SIM card

A global IoT SIM card and cell network built for M2M data with easy activation and transparent pricing

  • Automatic carrier switching

    Never worry about how to determine which carrier your device should connect to, our Hologram SIMs are designed to connect to the best cell signal available on our network

  • No contracts

    Order as many SIM cards as you need through our self-service store, from one for testing to thousands for manufacturing

  • No carrier negotiations

    Avoid lengthy carrier negotiations for your connectivity needs. We've sorted it out and are constantly working to improve coverage and support for our network

  • Accelerated product deployment

    Simplify your connected product deployment to the field with our Hologram Dashboard and APIs for SIM management

After 5 years of working with other cellular providers and worrying about cellular data plans, Hologram allowed us to seamlessly deploy our devices around the world so we can focus more on using the data our devices generate.

Ben Siegfried – CTO, Arable Labs

Connectivity in over 100 countries

Connect your IoT device seamlessly from one country and carrier to another through our global Hologram Cellular Network.

Flexible pricing plans and billing

Pay only for the data you use by the kB or renew each month for the same up-front and transparent rates built for IoT.

An ultra flexible plan that allows you to pay only for what you use, down to the kB. The Pay-As-You-Go Plan has no contracts and no roaming charges within your zone.

Zone 1
Zone 2
Monthly SIM Upkeep* $0.40 $0.40
Cost (billed per MB) $0.60 / MB $0.85 / MB
SMS (inbound messages are free) $0.19 / Message $0.30 / Message
* In order to reserve space for your SIM on the network, we must charge $0.40 to “keep your SIM alive”. Please contact us with additional questions.

Less flexible than pay-as-you-go, but offers the benefit of fixed pricing and improved pricing at higher volumes. Monthly Plans have a fixed price every month, no rollover, no additional fees, no contracts and no roaming charges within your zone. You can change your plan size at the end of each 30-day billing cycle.

Zone 1
Zone 2
500k $0.59
1MB $0.99 $1.29
2MB $1.49 $1.99
3MB $1.99 $2.99
5MB $2.99 $3.99
10MB $3.99 $6.99
20MB $5.99 $12.99
30MB $6.99 $16.99
50MB $7.99 $28.99
100MB $14.99 $47.99
125MB $18.99 $59.99
250MB $32.99
500MB $55.99
SMS (inbound messages are free) $0.19 / Message $0.30 / Message
We charge $1 per MB used over your plan's limit. Please contact us with additional questions.

Self-service activation and management

Activate devices when you need them, monitor connectivity, and track usage through our Hologram Dashboard.

Technical specifications

  • Triple-cut for Mini, Micro, and Nano SIM formats
    • Mini: 15 x 25mm
    • Micro: 12 x 15mm
    • Nano: 8.8 x 12.3mm
  • 2G: GPRS/GSM, 3G: UMTS/HSPA, 4G LTE*, LTE Cat-M*
  • *coverage and support varies by carrier
  • Operating Characteristics
    • Operating Temperature: - 25°C ~ 85°C
    • Read/Write Cycles: Min. 500,000
    • Data Retention: Min. 25 years at 25°C

Part of our end-to-end IoT toolkit

The Hologram global IoT SIM card connects to devices for access to the capabilities of our Hologram cellular IoT platform.

Cloud services

The tools you need to manage your device's data and lifecycle

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Cellular connectivity

Our global cellular network accessible through our Hologram IoT SIM card

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