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Free to start, up to 25 devices
$0.60 + 40¢
Device/Mo Per MB

Your first SIM and 1MB of data per month is free

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Get started with a free SIM that comes with 1MB of global data free per month. Get your project off the ground today.

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Use one of our open-source hardware devices like the Hologram Nova to kickstart your project.

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Hologram Maker Edition

Pricing Details

Cellular Rates

Per Active Device

One monthly price connects devices across 170+ countries and 396+ carriers.

Hologram Maker Edition plans support up to 25 active devices per month.

$0.60 / month

Outbound SMS

All SMS messages sent to the device (inbound) are free.

$0.19 / message

Data Rates

Flexible Data

No limitations, your device connects to the best performing network available automatically.

$0.40 / MB




  • A single plan with global coverage.

  • Flexible data, billed by the KB.

  • Ready for your personal projects.

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Explore how you can connect anything - from just about anywhere - using our free Global SIM card and integrated IoT platform.

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From our Python SDK to our Spacebrige CLI, our developer tools are easy to pick up and well documented.

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