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For personal IoT projects.

device / mo
25 devices


Powerful IoT tools for growing your business.

device / mo
∞ devices


Ready for global business deployments.

Custom ∞ devices


Explore Global Coverage

Worldwide coverage is provided with a single Hologram global IoT SIM card. All without carrier contracts, confusing coverage maps, or monthly quotas.

Maker Professional Enterprise
Free Hologram Pilot w 1/MB a month
Device Limit 25 Unlimited Unlimited
Countries Covered 170 170 196
Carriers 396 396 550
2G Service
3G Service
4G LTE Service
CAT-M Service * *

*CAT-M access and support varies by country, carrier, and region. Please contact for CAT-M support required for your deployment

Our partnership with Hologram has shaped our entire business model.

We're your partner, not just your carrier.

Let's build your IoT project together. Whether you're starting with one hundred, one thousand or a million devices.

Connectivity Platform

Explore the Platform

Our Hologram Dashboard makes managing your IoT deployment a breeze. All platform features also available via REST API for direct integration into your product experience.

Maker Professional Enterprise
Cloud Dashboard
Custom Data Limits
Usage Analytics
Detailed Session Data
NEWReal-Time Device Status
NEWDevice Location Data
NEWTest Mode Data
Data Routes 50 100 Unlimited
API Limits messages / second 4 10 Unlimited
Data Engine messages / mo 1MM 10MM Custom
Inbound SMS Forwarding

Switch to worldwide coverage in a week.

Start conquering the rest of the world with a simple SIM swap. We're here every step of the way.

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See Pricing Details

Our pricing is designed to be simple to understand, grow with you, and improve your bottom line. Major discounts kick in at 100 devices.

Maker Professional Enterprise
NEWSingle Global Data Rate Custom
Flexible Data
NEWFlexible Data Pools
NEWScaled Volume Discounts

Build on a platform designed just for you.

Our team of IoT hardware, software, and network engineers knows how hard launch an IoT project is.

We designed Hologram to seamlessly connect and scale IoT devices.

Building around Hologram has taken a lot of the load off my shoulders.


Hologram leads the IoT industry through deeply integrated security tools. Using first of its kind Multi-Factor Authentication, you can be sure only your devices are on-network and communicating to your servers.

Maker Professional Enterprise
User Access Control
Data Engine Message OTP & Device Keys
Active Spacebridge Client Keys 1 5 Unlimited
IoT SIM Multi-factor Authentication Beta
Private APN


With our documentation, guides, developer community, and dedicated success team, we're ready to help your IoT initiatives launch successfully and scale.

Maker Professional Enterprise
API and SDK References
Walkthrough Guides
Community Projects
Hologram Community Forum
Priority Email Support
Dedicated Account Management
99.99% Uptime and Service Credits per SLA
Live Chat Support
Phone Support (2 incidents/month)
24/7 Rapid Response Support
Dedicated Success Engineer
IoT Deployment Advising
99.999% Uptime and Service Credits per SLA

Available as part of our premium support subscriptions.