Oil and Gas Monitoring

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Save time and money by monitoring oil and gas pipelines with Hologram’s cellular IoT platform


Save Money And Create Value

Device management helps you reduce operational costs and gain new business insights

Minimize Device Downtime

Receive real-time updates from devices on your oil or gas stations so you avoid missing any data

Amplify Business Intelligence with Live Data

Learn more about your infrastructure with data collection over cellular, inbound messaging, and an easy-to-use dashboard,

Platform Capabilities

Maintenance Alerts

Be alerted when your pipelines or stations have maintenance problems with custom notifications set on your devices via the Hologram cloud

Content and programming updates

Push content and code updates to your signs over cellular

Cellular gateway

Use our network to manage oil and gas projects in over 160 countries

Secure communication protocol

Protect your devices, data, and organization from security breaches

Real-time control

Send and receive data via APIs, our friendly dashboard interfaces, and Spacebridge technology

Programmable Notifications

Get the status of remote devices or other unique messages with scheduled heartbeat updates

How It Works

Ready to monitor your oil and gas pipelines with Hologram?

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