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What is an APN?

/ Written By Sara Shoemake

APN stands for “access point name.” Created to provide a connection point between a cellular network and the Internet, an APN can also help separate cellular traffic from other general purpose networks.  Think of the APN as the SSID of a cellular network. Just as you can have multiple SSIDs on the same router or… Continue Reading

IoT Platforms Should Be Planning Blockchain Integrations

/ Written By Ben Forgan
connecting smart cities and iot with blockchain

It is easy to become jaded with the term “blockchain.” Although the turbulent nature of blockchain ICOs may have added credibility to the claims of skeptics, skepticism can be healthy when new disruptive technology emerges. In fact, skepticism is likely a form of fuel for emerging technologies. As the Hype Cycle of any new technology… Continue Reading

Announcing Multi-Factor Authentication for IoT and Global Dash Cellular Board

/ Written By Ryan Lee

Today we’re proud to make two major release announcements: Multi-Factor Authentication and the next iteration of the Hologram Global Dash. Multi-Factor Authentication for Connected Devices Already standard for much of the internet, existing multi-factor authentication methods protect user accounts from unauthorized access. They typically require something you know, such as a username/password, in addition to… Continue Reading

Our Must-Reads to Help You Stay Current on IoT Security

/ Written By Ben Forgan

Security is top priority going into the new year for the IoT industry. In the wake of the cyber-attack on Dyn DNS that took down almost half the internet in October, IoT developers are getting serious about closing up security holes in 2017 (and, essentially, until the end of time). But IoT is still an… Continue Reading

Prep for the Future of IoT with These Words of Wisdom

/ Written By Ritika Puri

There are two versions of the future when it comes to IoT security. The first is an ecosystem that is overrun with vulnerabilities, leaving consumer and business customers at risk of a major breach. The second is a story about diligence and careful calculation—the need for builders to watch their security protocols like a hawk. Remember… Continue Reading

10 Steps to Securing Your IoT Device

/ Written By Susan Kuchinskas

Hackers are using all sorts of devices to launch their dirty DDoS attacks. Don’t let your security camera, DVR or nanny cam become part of a botnet.

4 Ways Cyber Attackers May Be Hacking Your IoT Devices Right Now

/ Written By Ben Forgan

Is your refrigerator running… a targeted DDoS attack without your knowledge? If it’s connected to WiFi, it very well might be. Many (too many) of the connected devices that make up the Internet of Things (IoT) are extremely easy to hack. New IoT devices are being designed and released every day — from consumer items,… Continue Reading

The Landscape of IoT Security: a Tale of Two Futures

/ Written By Ben Forgan

Last month, while engineers around the world were building the next generation of connected devices, a piece of malware named Mirai was quietly going about its own business. While botnets — the colloquial term for a network of hacked devices working together — are always swirling around the internet, this one was different. Instead of… Continue Reading