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New Drone Regulations Will Require Cellular IoT Connectivity and GPS

/ Written By Derrick Wolbert

New drone regulations are coming.  As drone traffic increases exponentially and commercial drone fleets seek permission to take to the air, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wants to use remote ID technology to track drones as they fly, as it does airplanes and helicopters. To that end, it proposes a new rule that will require… Continue Reading

What is an IMEI and a TAC?

/ Written By Pat Wilbur

What are IMEI and TAC Numbers, And How Do Manufacturers Use Them? Every cellular device has an International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), a 14-digit number that serves as a distinct identifier for the device. Essentially a serial number that the manufacturer assigns, the IMEI is guaranteed to be globally unique. There’s also a 15th digit… Continue Reading

IoT Platforms Should Be Planning Blockchain Integrations

/ Written By Ben Forgan
connecting smart cities and iot with blockchain

It is easy to become jaded with the term “blockchain.” Although the turbulent nature of blockchain ICOs may have added credibility to the claims of skeptics, skepticism can be healthy when new disruptive technology emerges. In fact, skepticism is likely a form of fuel for emerging technologies. As the Hype Cycle of any new technology… Continue Reading

Hologramers: Frontend Developer Joseph Jung

/ Written By Flavia Logsdon

With the first month behind us and feet firmly planted in February, we are now well into 2017 now and have many exciting things happening at Hologram.  I’m thrilled to continue interviewing and chronicling the many facets of our fascinating team in our behind-the-scenes look at the team behind Hologram. With Hologramers, readers – and… Continue Reading

Hologramers: Product Lead Pat Hogan

/ Written By Flavia Logsdon

It’s another installation of Hologramers! Each month, I get the opportunity to sit down with someone from our amazing team and share a bit about them and what makes them so wonderful. This week, I spoke with our Product Lead Pat Hogan. Pat is a 29-year old native of Acton, Massachusetts and obtained his Bachelor… Continue Reading

Hologramers: CTO Pat Wilbur

/ Written By Flavia Logsdon

Hologramers: CTO Pat Wilbur – Cellular Connectivity for the Internet of Things